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Home Automation Made Easy

We design and install home tech environments that are customised to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re a Homeowner or General Contractor who’s planning a new build, we are your single-vendor partner for integrating an array of connected amenities.

Integration Made easy

Our process is simple; you bring the ideas, we bring the vision and expertise. Our Home Automation packages are simple, personalized, and designed to make life easier. Let us know about how we can be a part of your next Smart Home project!

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Let your favorite virtual assistance manage your smart devices

We bring different home automation and smart home systems together. Technologies that would not normally talk to each other natively, can now communicate harmoniously.

Our Services

Easier Living- it’s how we define home technology. Our system connects Lighting, Climate, Surveillance, Media/Entertainment, and many other daily technologies allowing house-wide control at your fingertips.
Rich and Immersive Multi-Room audio streaming independently or simultaneously throughout your home. Control all of your streaming services from a single app or your favorite voice assistant.
Homeowners and General Contractors Save with our Smart Home Packages exclusively for General Contractors, Architects, and Designers. Let us know how we can make your next installation easier!
Command the mood with lighting that changes for any occasion. Dim the lights to a romantic date night, or switch to color blending when entertaining your guests- fully automated through our app or voice assistant.
Spot intruders or unwanted guests before they invade your property. Full coverage, 24/7 Recording and Surveillance, and remote streaming to your mobile phone or system controller.
We eliminate the clutter and chaos of your old system, employing flush-mount surround speakers, in-wall displays, and a dedicated remote media hub.